How can we help?

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How can we help

Whatever the condition or injury is to the body, recovery and the return of normal function will be quicker if treated earlier. Prompt treatment will also reduce the risk of long term disability and prolonged treatment sessions.

Through knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology, chartered physiotherapists have the expertise to conduct assessments of movement, posture and muscle imbalance.

Why physiotherapy can be beneficial even if you feel fine?
You do not have to be injured or in discomfort for physiotherapy to be beneficial. It is not always noticable that areas of the body are getting tight, stiff and sore. Monthly physiotherapy can help maintain optimum function and prevent problems occuring.

Often people come to us after excercise to relieve muscle tightness and optimise muscle function.

Alternatively, treatment before intense sporting activities or before returning to sport, will reduce the risk of injury.

Injuries we specialise in treating
We specialise in the treatment of neck and back problems, muscle, ligament and joint injuries of both upper limb and lower limb. Being based within a leisure centre means we also treat many sports injuries, and become personally involved in local sporting events.

How we achieve success
We use a number of treatments to heal you:

  • deep soft tissue massage and mobilisation techniques such as trigger point release
  • joint and spinal mobilisation and manipulation
  • passive and active stretches
  • electrotherapy techniques e.g. ultrasound
  • advice and education regarding personal exercises and rehabilitation