Common injuries we can treat

Treatment options at Hands On Physiotherapy

Common injuries we can treat

We can treat a range of injuries here at Hands On Physiotherapy, here are a few of the most common ones you might be experiencing.

Back + Neck Injuries
These may include problems associated with:

  • lifting and bending
  • whiplash
  • disc problems
  • postural problems especially if sitting at a desk for long perdiods of time
  • recurrent headaches and stress
  • Postural back neck and back ache can lead to chronic pain and disc problems. A physiotherapist will give you advice to correct poor sittings posture at your computer or in your car.

    Depending on the diagnosis, treatment may involve:

  • mobilisation and manipulation techniques
  • deep tissue massage and release techniques
  • exercise and core stability training
  • electrotherapy
  • Muscle and joint injuries
    Deep tissue mobilisation, passive joint range movements and electrotherapy are treatment modalities typically used for:

  • sprained and strained muscle and joints
  • sporting injuries
  • occupation injuries
  • post operative treatment
  • Re-education of muscle imbalance and proprioceptive training is often necessary to achieve full recovery and prevent further injuries.

    Whatever the injury, a quicker and more thorough recovery will be made if treated early.